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Years ago, home videos were a way to document a growing family and relive memories. These primitive, basic videos created at home were about as far as average people could go with their homemade motion pictures.

Nowadays, anyone can edit a video to rival many professionally made commercials and movie trailers. The video sharing mogul YouTube plays host to more than 60 hours of videos uploaded to the site every minute, and more than four billion videos streamed by viewers every day.

Considering how far the reach of video editing software has come in recent years, it’s understandable that beginners find it intimidating to say the least. Whether you’re a novice user just jumping on the bandwagon or an experienced editing pro just looking to expand your software lineup, here are some great video editing software options available today.


Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe has taken professional video editing to new heights with the latest version of Premiere Pro. This version has dozens of sparkling new features. Among the new additions are a newly revamped timeline, which has taken the previous timeline and morphed it into a simple, easy-to-learn method of editing with tons of keyboard shortcuts.

Simplified color grading is made possible through the new Lumetri Deep Color engine, making it easier than ever to enhance the color quality of videos. This installment is also linked with the Creative Cloud software, so users can store projects and access them anywhere.



Apple’s contribution to the video editing world is not a trivial one. The company’s newest editing software, iMovie ’11, is perfect for creating video trailers, editing audio clips, and organizing, deleting and otherwise editing video clips. It even doubles as a movie player. If you have enjoyed editing and storing photos with iPhoto and creating rockin’ jams with GarageBand, you’ll love the way the new iMovie combines the two programs into an editing hybrid.

Creating mashups of popular YouTube videos is easier than ever when you partner this with Pro Video Downloader. This program allows users to download video content for the web, which can then be used in software like iMovie to compliment the video editing process. The iMovie software is equipped with an excellent exporting tool that makes saving and sharing video masterpieces easier than ever. There’s no doubt the Apple faithful will be gobbling it right up.


Window’s Movie Maker

Turn your computer station into a regular recording and video studio with Window’s Movie Maker. Simply upload your selected photos and video clips from your smart phone or PC into the program, and let the editing begin. The software can help enhance photo montages and video clips with audio editing options. It also automatically adds transitions and other effects, seamlessly giving your project a finished, polished feel.

Once the finished product is ready for sharing, upload it directly from the program toyour favorite social networking site, send a direct link via email to your peers, or simply save it to your computer. Regardless how you choose to share it, the videos you create on this program will be enjoyed and cherished for years to come.

No matter which program you decide is best for your video editing ventures, the final products you create will undoubtedly be worth the effort of researching the right program. This list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to editing software. Which one is your favorite?

By Jenny Reed

Jenny Reed is a writer and blogger from Central Florida. In her spare time she loves volunteering and playing volleyball along with watching baseball. She is working on her bachelors and hopes to one day work in the tech and finance field.

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