It’s a Dumbphone, But It’s the Nicest Dumbphone You Can Buy

Nokia’s newest handset has a Gorilla Glass screen, an eye-popping 38-day battery life, and is constructed of sturdy aluminum. The catch? It runs a 14-year-old operating system, and is about as dumb as a phone can get these days. Although smartphones are ubiquitous in many developed markets, there are still plenty (read: billions) of people who still use dumbphones. Most of these are built with low cost being the primary goal — think plastic construction, dinky cameras, and prehistoric screens. But Nokia’s new 515 handset borrows its industrial design from high-end smartphones, presumably in the effort to make it feel like a premium object. It’s basically a flagship dumbphone for the consumer who wants a carefully considered phone, but doesn’t necessarily want the whole Internet in his pocket.

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