Apple turns to tastemakers to improve iTunes Radio

The best way to improve a product is to hire experts. Apple may have mastered the science of delivering music to consumers, but they’re looking for help in perfecting the art of selecting the right music for the right shows. That’s where the “genre experts” come in – to make something that isn’t broken even better.

Apple is looking for radio music programmers with deep knowledge of genres such as Latin, metal, and alternative, according to CNET. Those genre experts would be charged with selecting and promoting songs out of the thousands that the major and indie labels release each month.

Apple’s postings seeking these genre experts call for “tastemakers” who are “passionate about discovering exciting new music and artists.” Candidates are expected to have a strong understanding and background in how the music business operates, with five years experience and knowledge in retail, radio, A&R, editorial, record labels, and any other music related fields.

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