Grand Theft Auto: How it started and where it ended up

First Grand Theft Auto
Sal McCloskey September 20 Gaming

With huge opening numbers, Grand Theft Auto V has launched towards resounding success. This isn’t just another chapter in a popular video game series. It’s the next incarnation, a complete re-imagining of what can be put into a GTA game.

Flash back 17 years and the humble beginning show signs of greatness even without today’s graphics, intelligence, and gameplay engines. Even back then, it was revolutionary.

The revolution has culminated into a game that some would say represents the downfall of gaming.

Take a look at the two videos below. In the first, we see where the franchise started. In the second, we see where it ended up today. If you already have the game, you won’t even need to watch the second video, a compilation of pre-launch trailers and commentaries. Oh, who are we kidding. If you already have the game, there’s very little chance you’re taking the time to read articles online. You’re playing.

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Written by Sal McCloskey

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