Have 10,000 Instagram followers? You could stay at this hotel for free

A new boutique hotel in Sydney, Australia will let you stay for free if you have more than 10,000 Instagram followers.

The 1888 Hotel, at five stories and with views from every window, was built with all decor and other elements to be thoroughly “Instagram-worthy,” according to the Daily Mail. If that sounds hip, wait until you hear the rest of the accommodations.

In the hotel’s entrance, there’s a selfies spot, where users can post a photo of their check-in, and a digital mural of all Instagram-taken photos on site. Named after the year in which Kodak released its first box and roll camera, the hotel is part of a chain called 8Hotels that promises “eclectic, fun, and stylish” stays. Every aspect of the luxury building was curated to look good with a Mayfair filter

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