iTunes Festival 2013 encapsulated in 78 seconds

Unlike competitor Google, Apple doesn’t normally post videos that aren’t pure advertising pieces. They’ve posted 54 videos on their YouTube channel compared to hundreds by Google. When Apple does make their presence known on YouTube, it’s short, sweet, and loud.

YouTube Preview Image

With just three days left in Apple’s 2013 iTunes Festival in London, the company has put up a short clip, titled “Moments,” featuring snippets of standout acts thus far, including Elton john, Avicii and Lady Gaga.

Set to “Stormur” by Sigur Ros, who followed Lady Gaga as the festival’s second act, the video shows both artists and concert goers who met at The Roundhouse in London over the past month. Apple’s yearly musical celebration takes place throughout September, with one headliner playing daily after lesser known or up and coming opening acts.

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