Not to be left in the dust of the HDX, the Kindle Fire HD gets an upgrade and price drop

Normally, when gadgets get an upgrade, they get a price hike as well. Amazon is in the business of giving more for less and they’re proving it with the upgrade and price reduction of the Kindle Fire HD.

This is, of course, due to the release of the Kindle Fire HDX.

No surprise, of course, that the Kindle Fire HDX was the thing Amazon really wanted to shout about from the Seattle mountaintops today. But Jeff Bezos had another little surprise up his impeccably tailored sleeves — a surprise that makes the $229 HDX look downright extravagant. A warm (if decidedly overcast) Pacific Northwest welcome to the new Fire HD. Well, “new” is perhaps not entirely accurate. This Kindle shares a lot with its predecessor, though there are some notable changes.

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