Oracle promotes new database technology that's '100 times faster'

The technology itself will be lost on anyone other than the most tech-savvy, but that’s not important. When a company can use a phrase like “100 times faster,” everyone is impressed regardless of who you are.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison was all positivity for a day as he kicked off his company’s annual OpenWorld conference with anticipated remarks debuting Oracle’s new in-memory database product it’s counting on to turn around tepid revenue growth.

The tech billionaire, third richest American on the Forbes 400, tipped his cap to his team currently battling in the America’s Cup and then made his pitch for why In-Memory Database Technology can right the ship for his firm’s slowing growth. Oracle Team USA won both its races Sunday but must win four in a row to keep its title–and Oracle might face as tough a challenge in growing that revenue, which came in at just 2% for the quarter. On its earnings call last week, president Mark Hurd said the company is counting on the in-data option, which Ellison also previewed in writing for the earnings release.

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