VPS hosting, perfected: DV Managed and DV Developer from (mt) Media Temple

(mt) Media Temple strikes again. If you haven’t yet heard about their virtual private server offers, here’s a helpful review that draws upon some of the most distinctive features that I’ve observed of their elite Dedicated Virtual services: DV Managed and DV Developer.
Media Temple

A solid guarantee for a resilient uptime

You have choices with their virtual private server. For starters, both options come with a very speedy (10x faster than before), PowerPanel-based server backup, reboot, repair, or rebuild. Moreover, there is the subject matter of continuous uptime, and the way (mt) Media Temple automatically captures your attention when it says that the uptime amounts to a 99.999% value. To prove that this statement isn’t some sort of advertising small-talk, they established a ‘20/20’ downtime refund pattern. Namely, for 20 minutes of unjustified online absence, 20% of the elected service period worth is refunded. So, they seem pretty confident to me.


DV with Control Panel management

Select Your DV

I’ll warrant that DV Managed fits like a glove for most designers who are intent on reselling, because it makes it so very easy to set specific resources and create third-party control panel access for each client. And since we’re on the subject of simplicity, I feel the urge to point out that installing WordPress, Drupal, or any other application, is a breeze; the AccountCenter won’t let you stumble into such obstacles as configuration.

I need to talk about (mt) Media Temple’s acknowledged supportive stance, which makes a good case of standing out in the DV Managed service. What really caught my eye were their very helpful Knowledge Base articles. That is where I came across a guide of how to install Fail2ban, which comes in really handy in blocking badly-intentioned IP addresses from your websites.


As a side note, the month of August marks the instauration of Parallels Plesk Panel 11.5, the latest release. Thus, enhancements like using multiple PHP versions, or enacting domain-specific Apache settings, or even a crisp-looking file manager are henceforth available. Not bad.


DV with broad-ranged control

Broad Range Controls

Linux-based DV Developer targets web developers who build almost everything from scratch all by themselves. In other words, the user is free to channel his/her energy into harnessing software. Meanwhile, the Media Temple team mainly focuses on maintaining the hardware equipment and a constant uptime.

The association with Parallels Virtuozzo Containers provides powerful administrative options, along with thorough diagnosing measures. Besides, system performance is also greatly augmented. And it’s definitely worth mentioning that a user can choose to modify the initial DV Developer plan according to the amount space that he/she needs. For example, you can scale from 1 to 32 GB, and back.


What’s not to love? All things considered, it is my contention that Media Temple is one of the most intuitive and best vps hosting alternatives on the market.

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[This was a sponsored review for MediaTemple]

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