98-year-old uses MS Paint to bring his art alive

Hal Lasko Painting

The world of graphic design has been expanding exponentially over the last couple of decade when it comes to empowering designers with amazing tools. One that has never really grown out of its simplistic niche is MS Paint. Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean that it can’t be powerful in the right hands.

Hal Lasko Painting

In this case, those hands belong to 98-year-old artist Hal Lasko.

This isn’t simply someone playing around with a computer. This is an artist that was losing his eyesight. MS Paint offered him a way to continue towards the end of his first century with his skills still flowing. He has over 150 works of art that he’s been making on MS Paint for 13 years and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.


By Connor Livingston

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