Apple's war on disc drives is nearly finished

The devices are now the drives. Internal memory can hold most of what you could want and the cloud can hold the rest. That’s the world that Apple envisions and they’re close to seeing it achieved.

The disc drive is dead — or it’s at least issuing a triumphant death rattle.

Not in PCs just yet, but certainly in Apple’s Macs. Earlier this week Apple introduced updated versions of its MacBook Pro with Retina Display, alongside an all new Mac Pro. What wasn’t updated was Apple’s line of non-Retina MacBook Pros, the only Apple devices that were still sporting a disc drive. In fact, Apple axed the 15-inch version and trimmed the non-Retina line to a single, 13-inch machine. The company has whittled away at product lines like this in the past, and it’s usually a sign of imminent extinction.

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