Can Cadillac find electric car success if they're more expensive than Tesla?

It’s admirable that General Motors is launching a luxury Volt. The rise of environmentally friendly vehicles means that every manufacturer needs to try. However, should they really have put so much into it that it is more expensive than the Tesla or would they have been better off trying to beat Tesla on price?

Cadillac has priced its new ELR extended-range electric coupe at more than twice the price of Chevrolet Volt sedan which uses the same basic powertrain. ELR will start at $75,995, including delivery fees.

ELR is General Motor’s first vehicle to use the plug-in technology of its breakthrough Volt. Volt starts at $34,995 after a $5,000 price reduction earlier this year. ELR is even priced higher than the cheapest all-electric Tesla Model S, at $69,900.

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  • Rootman

    No, plain & simple.