Fans of next-gen games need to find perspective

It’s definitely exciting to see the new platforms coming out with their amazing games and cool features, but the reality is that it’s all getting overblown.

We’re now a scant month away from the dawn of the PlayStation 4/Xbox One era, and both the journalistic and consumer sides of gaming have already begun to swell with anticipation. And rightfully so—among other things, the indie scene has seen more coverage than ever, stability—particularly network reliability and temperature safeguards—is finally receiving the attention it deserves, and new IP are so plentiful that they’re falling off the cart. And yet, in the face of this colorful renaissance, a majority of gamers are glued to the raw specifications of the hardware and software they’ll soon be booting up. From clock speeds to resolution, it seems every aspect of next-gen gaming has been saddled with a statistic. Far be it from me to question the tech-minded, but in the case of consoles, it’s a needless argument

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