Huge week in tablets sets the stage for war

Microsoft and Apple are converging on the battlefield with tablets in hand. This is going to be an excellent holiday season for gadget lovers.

This was a big week for tablets. Microsoft’s improved Surface tablets went on sale Tuesday, the same day Apple announced is next-generation iPad tablets. What’s at stake? Billions of consumer and enterprise dollars that will be spent on mobile devices over the course of the next year as the industry continues its shift away from PC-based computing in favor of tablets and smartphones.

Apple and Microsoft are employing similar strategies with their tablet lineups. Both companies introduced new low- and high-end tablets that will join last year’s discounted tablets on store shelves. Both offer tablets ranging in price from about $300 to $1000, covering most budgets and use cases. There are distinct differences, though, that will always separate Apple from Microsoft. Here’s a look at how things shaped up this week.

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