Is the FAA finally getting it?

Society has changed since the days when flight attendants were called “stewardess” and planes were routed through the mental acuity of air traffic controllers. It’s a digital age and the restrictions are starting to get lifted. Is this finally a 21st century FAA mindset being put into place?

You know the scene in a movie when a character trails off into the past and is reminded of the moment it all began? I had one of those last week.

It was 2011, and I was engrossed in an e-book on my Kindle and kept reading as I boarded a plane heading back to San Francisco. My head down, I bumped into the plane door, then into a passenger. I finally buckled in, continuing to read. Then, just a few pages from the end of the book, I heard it. “Please power down your electronic devices for takeoff.”

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