Nokia's smartwatch patent is actually pretty cool

There has been a lot of speculation about what the next generation of wearable gadgets, the smartwatch, will bring to the table. The ones that are out there now are pretty basic, but the one that Nokia apparently has planned is actually pretty cool.

Nokia appears to be experimenting with its own smartwatch concepts. In a patent application submitted in August last year, the company details a “multi-segment wearable accessory.” According to the description, and some related diagrams, it’s a plan for a modular watch than can be worn on the wrist. Images show a concept where each segment of the watch would have its own display to show content, allowing the user to turn his or her wrist to access different parts.

If Samsung’s Galaxy Gear with a camera on the strap wasn’t enough, Nokia’s concept goes a step further with its multiple displays. Unfortunately it’s likely just that: concept. It’s simply a patent application that shows the company has some concepts for a smartwatch future, but it doesn’t mean the Finnish smartphone maker is designing it just yet. Nokia will probably never get the chance to either, as Microsoft is acquiring its devices business in a deal that’s expected to close in early 2014.

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