North Korea is the only place safe from the NSA

If you want privacy, you may have only one option – North Korea. Of course, you have to deal with human rights persecution and a suppressive government, but at least the NSA won’t be able to tap into your email.

There was a time when the code breakers of the National Security Agency actually took the lead in solving enemy encryption systems. These days, not so much. In today’s NSA, it’s hackers, break-in artists, corporate liaisons, and shadow salesman using front companies who are at the forefront of this effort. Even so-called “hacktivists” play an unwitting role in helping the NSA gain access to computer networks — both hostile and friendly.

Just about the only place that’s somewhat immune to the NSA’s new style of code-breaking attacks? North Korea, because it’s so disconnected from the rest of the world’s networks.

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