“Nothing to worry about here” – BlackBerry

Don’t listen to the news reports. Don’t listen to the rumors. Don’t pay attention to the layoffs, the cutbacks, the trends, or anything that has to do with numbers. BlackBerry is here to stay… according to BlackBerry. They have your back.

Hoping to tamp down the concerns of customers and investors over the uncertainty of its future, Canadian smartphone firm BlackBerry is mounting a major media campaign to tell the world that it’s not going anywhere.

In an unusual public move, BlackBerry is taking its plea to customers in an open letter set to publish in major media outlets — including The Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal — to “set the record straight” about the firm’s viability for the future, said Frank Boulben, BlackBerry’s chief marketing officer. It is set to appear in 30 Tuesday morning papers across nine countries, and will also show up on the company’s social media channels. BlackBerry’s critical business customers, Boulben said, will receive a copy of the letter .

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By Michio Hasai

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