Palistinian hackers did it the old school way. They faxed their way in.

In the movie Swordfish, Hugh Jackman is given access to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment and infrastructure in order to hack into a single account. Sometimes, hackers don’t have to have tremendous assets in order to break into their targets. It can be as easy as using old school technology like a fax machine.

The hackers, known as Kdms Team, are a group of four hackers with the aim of familiarising the “whole world with our unlawfully murdered Palestine.” The group came to prominence earlier this week when it managed to hijack the websites¬†of popular messaging service WhatsApp and anti-virus company AVG among others.

Today the group has managed to trick, the company which manages the DNS records for the website of computer security service Metasploit, but rather than using some high-tech technique to trick them, it appears that all the group had to do was send a fax.

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