Password protection 101

It seems like everyone is getting hacked lately. No, it’s not just individuals. Companies are getting hacked and your password is getting exposed. If you use the same password in multiple places, worse things can happen than simply losing access to your Evernote. Here’s a solution.

Evernote, Adobe, even Apple … just a few of the companies who have found their user data compromised by hackers in recent times. The possibility of a hacker being able to access one of your web accounts is worrying enough – but if you use the same email address and password for almost all the websites you use, the risk becomes huge.

The first thing a hacker does when they get hold of a list of usernames and passwords is to use automated software to fire them at a whole bunch of popular websites. That means your online security is only as good as the most vulnerable of the websites you visit. Not good.

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