PlayStation 4 features: how they'll look on day one

The greatly anticipated release of the PlayStation 4 is nearly upon us. This is a good thing, not just because gamers will be able to get their hands on it but also because bloggers will be able to stop speculating and start actually reporting on the gaming platform. Here’s how things will shake out on the first day:

When the PlayStation 4 launches in North America on November 15, some (but not all!) of its swanky new features will be available for use by the disheveled, exhausted consumers that spent all night waiting for their new console in a tent outside of Best Buy or wherever.

This news comes from the announcement of a day-one patch for the PlayStation 4, though it is unclear whether the patch is explicitly required to enable the features listed below. We do know, however, that “at first time use, users must connect to the internet” before Blu-ray and DVD playback will function, according to the press release.

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