Shakira will be shaking it at T-Mobile's Uncarrier event

Pop stars are often used to bring excitement to events. Everyone from tech companies to politicians use them to help rally support behind their campaigns. T-Mobile hopes Shakira will bring the noise (and the buzz) at their upcoming event.

The next phase in T-Mobile’s uncarrier strategy – an ongoing plan to shake up the wireless industry – is set to debut at a special media event in New York’s Bryant Park on October 9. To generate additional publicity for the event, T-Mobile has invited mainstream pop star Shakira to perform and is giving away thousands of free tickets to its customers.

T-Mobile hasn’t provided any specifics about what uncarrier 3.0 might consist of. Press invitations to the event feature a picture of Shakira and the promise that it will be a major industry announcement. The company also teased a special opening act – your guess is as good as mine on who it might be.

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