The best smartwatch we've seen yet isn't even a watch at all

Bond Wearable

It isn’t right to call Bond a watch. It’s really just a bracelet… or a pendant… or a necklace… or something you carry in your pocket. It doesn’t have a touchscreen and it doesn’t even tell the time. Still, it has a different type of functionality now than any other wearable tech.

More importantly, it will grow to be customizable in ways that don’t require software updates or upgrading the device itself.

Bond is an Indiegogo project from Kwamecorp, the folks who brought us the Fairphone and that is currently working on Lily Cole’s Impossible. It is wearable tech with a heart and the place that they could go with it if they’re able to receive their funding could be amazing.

Rather than talk about it directly, let’s listen to what the team itself has to say about the project:

Written by Michio Hasai

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