The complete Google Nexus 5 leak

It’s rare that an upcoming device gets this many leaks well before release, but the Google Nexus 5 is all but completely known.

A crystal clear 7-minute video of the Nexus 5 (I think we can accept that’s going to be the name at this point) was just leaked on the web. It’s an older build than the one leaked by TuttoAndroid yesterday, but look – it’s the Nexus 5 hardware in the clearest shots we’ve seen yet! appears all over it, so the full credit for this leak goes out to them.

In the video, shot on October 9th if we are to believe the lockscreen, we’re obviously looking at a prototype, considering there’s no Nexus branding on the back, but one that offers the highest amount of detail to date. It’s worth taking a peek at it just to see a close-up of those sexy dual bottom-firing speakers.

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