Twitter should be concerned about Facebook's publisher tool

Facebook is for updates, Twitter is for links. That is, at least, how it has been for a while, but as Facebook continues to get more people clicking on links, businesses and publishers are starting to take note. Is Facebook a threat to what Twitter has always held as a strength?

Since the beginning, Facebook has been a place where people share what they’re doing. They post pictures, videos, and status updates that let their friends and family know what’s going on in their lives at that very moment. Some use it to post thoughts on things that are happening at that moment. Others simply share the latest joke they heard. For the most part, Facebook has not been successful at driving traffic to websites relative to its size.

That has changed in the last year. People are more open and willing to open links from Facebook. They are willing to use it to see interesting posts on blogs and news websites. This can be most easily seen from sites like Buzzfeed that saw a 855% increase in traffic year over year compared to a “mere” 208% for news site TIME.

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