A new device will automatically lock your Mac when you step away from it

Sesame, a new device from Atama, will utilize the Mac’s Bluetooth 4.0 to automatically lock your computer when you step away from it.

Leaving your laptop unattended is usually a bad idea, especially if you have sensitive documents on it, or in the event your friends update your Facebook or Twitter status with lewd messages. However carrying it with you to the toilet isn’t exactly an ideal or efficient solution and if you’re tired of having to click log out every time you step away from your laptop, Atama’s latest solution dubbed the Sesame might be worth taking a look at. The Sesame is essentially a cigarette lighter sized fob that will automatically lock a Mac computer once the owner steps away from it. The device takes advantage of the Mac’s use of Bluetooth 4.0 LE and claims that the laptop’s battery will barely be affected by it.

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  • Bram Van Oost

    I’m a Mac fan, but I had this on Windows eight years ago, on an old phone that was connected with bluetooth.