Battle over Google Glass etiquette erupts in another Seattle diner

As more people try to assimilate Google Glass into their everyday lives, the results continue to be mixed. Last week, a network engineer named Nick Starr walked into a new Seattle diner called Lost Lake Cafe for dinner with some friends. The server asked him to remove his device, because the owner’s other restaurant doesn’t allow Google Glass. They got into a dispute, and he eventually left.

Google Glass has been available to early adopters for nearly nine months, and some merchants are doing their best to keep it out of their establishments. Nick Starr, a network engineer in Seattle, learned that the hard way this month on a visit to the Lost Lake Cafe, a 24-hour diner in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. According to Starr, he had eaten at the cafe several times while wearing Glass, but on his last visit was asked to remove the $1,500 headset or leave. Starr demanded to see a written policy banning Glass, but when the server held her ground he left. “I would love an explanation, apology, clarification,” Starr wrote on Facebook, “and if the staff member was in the wrong and lost the owner money last night and also future income as well, that this income be deducted from her pay or her termination.”

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