Biotechnology is the true future-tech

Tech experts Annalee Newitz and Joichi Ito have described how the future of technology is seeded in biology. As our devices become more and more personalized as time goes by they will inevitably become integrated with our bodies.

A lot of you, dear readers, may remember a time when mobile phones didn’t exist, let alone smartphones with touchscreens, apps and pro-grade cameras. Some may even recall a childhood completely devoid of TV, when the phrase “playing in a sandbox” meant literally that. Not content with books that glow in the dark, among other electronic conveniences, we’re now strapping computers to our heads and a second smartphone screen to our wristsio9’s Annalee Newitz and Joichi Ito, director of the MIT Media Lab, took to our Expand stage to talk about what technology of the future might look like, and both agreed we’ll see much less built from circuits, and much more from (somewhat) natural ingredients.

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