Chicken Boy developer invests big in mobile gaming

Chicken Boy Mobile Game

Funtomic, developer behind popular flash game site Kizi, has set its sights on mobile gaming, releasing two major iOS and Android titles so far this fall. The company’s new mobile development studio will be looking to replicate Kizi’s success by using its cute, quirky style to draw new users.

Chicken Boy Mobile Game

But unlike, flash site turned Candy Crush Saga developer, Funtomic games will not feature deceitful pay-to-play mechanics and forgo in-app ads and purchases for a small price.

In its latest release, Chicken Boy, an interesting cross between Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies, users play as a costumed boy who defends his favorite creatures from an onslaught of monsters. Using only a bat and fruit, players must take aim and prevent the monsters from stealing the boy’s chick.

At first glance, it would appear to be a simple game; however, after a few introductory levels, the pace begins to pick up and a variety of more difficult enemies start popping up. As the game progresses, Chicken Boy gains access to power-ups, which allow him to set traps and give players a better chance at making it to the next round.

It’s a truly addicting game that puts a unique spin on the style of classic tower defense games. The lack of in-app ads and purchase requests make the transition from level-to-level simple and prevents the experience from being watered down.

The future of mobile games appears to be moving heavily toward an extreme freemium model, with games being created to be addicting and draw users toward in-app purchases. As the market changes, though, users may come flocking back to games made by developers like Funtomic. The company is currently working on three new mobile titles.

You can download Chicken Boy for iPhone and iPad on the App Store and for Android devices on Google Play.


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