Comcast's Xfinity TV Store lets your purchase digital movies and TV shows

Comcast has released its Xfinity TV Store that lets you purchase digital movies and TV shows on Comcasts cable boxes or apps. First rumored last week, the digital store offers movies and TV shows for the same price you’d find on similar services and lets you keep the digital copies forever.

First revealed in rumors last week, the Comcast Xfinity TV Store is now available, selling movies and TV shows. Until now the cable company has offered its traditional video subscriptions, PPV and video on-demand rentals, but now it’s offering more transactions of a more permanent nature. Pricing and content is similar to that of other digital sores like Amazon VOD, iTunes and Vudu, but it has the extra edge of working with user’s existing cable TV set-top boxes for viewing on TV, just like Verizon’s Flex View. Of course, most of us have one (or three, or five) boxes ready to access digital content but that may not be true for everyone, and any of the millions of customers with access to Comcast VOD should be able to use this.

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