First all-in-one coffee maker really does it all

A new all-in-one coffee maker that is making its way to Kickstarter will roast, grind, and brew your coffee for you. The whole brewing process last between 12-14 minutes and will allow you to control the darkness of the roast and the size of the grind from the ceramic conical grinder.

Machines that grind then brew your coffee for you all in one are a dime a dozen. But one that fresh roasts you beans first, before grinding them? Well, according to Bonaverde Coffee Changers it’s never been done, until now. The company’s Kickstarter campaign is underway and chugging along towards its $135,000 goal. The hope is to ship something only slightly larger than a standard grind and brew unit, but with the ability to turn (often hard to find) green beans into delicious dark roast in only minutes. A stainless steel rotating roaster makes a single batch of beans at a time. The small amount of beans take only three or four minutes to roast, but the necessary cool down pushes the total brew to between 12 and 14 minutes. In order to save energy, the same element that fires up the roaster also preheats the water.

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