#Infographic: 17 years of web design

History of Web Design Infographic
Jesseb Shiloh November 11 Design

It’s hard to believe that web design has been a popular profession for nearly two decades. The days of awful designs such as the old

In this infographic by Web Design Degree Center, we see the humble beginnings in the mid-90s explode into a robust industry with tools and strategies galore to keep designers busy and always working.

Written by Jesseb Shiloh

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  • penina

    1996-1999: Ignored user experience? Anybody read Jared Spool? Web design may have been new, but designers have been thinking about user experience since before there was a web.

    P.S. Love the browser use graph. I laughed and groaned.

  • John Digweed

    2013: Highly curated and limited NAGIVATION?