Leaked photo shows Google Play allegedly running on BlackBerry 10.2.1

A few screenshots leaked onto the internet show the Google Play store allegedly running on the latest BlackBerry OS build. The addition of Google Play on BlackBerry devices could be very big for the Canadian-based company.

A handful of screenshots posted in the CrackBerry forums suggest the Google Play store could be available for the latest BlackBerry OS build, 10.2.1. The photos were posted without much comment, so it’s very difficult to know how authentic they are; the user that shared them, AVPTI, simply said the images were found online—that’s it. There’s plenty of discussion going on in the forums, with many skeptical as to whether they’re real or not—opinions seem to be mixed. Many users have shared some tricks demonstrating how the images could’ve been faked, so we’re remaining skeptical for now.

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