Low-end is the driving force behind Windows Phone success

We’ve seen a lot of good news for Windows Phone lately, with many reports claiming the OS has not only entrenched itself as the third ecosystem, but has also gained a substantial number of users during this past year. But how has each new Windows Phone device impacted the ecosystem? For that we turn to November’s AdDuplex report.

Windows Phone has definitely shown some very promising momentum this year and it has soundly beat BlackBerry in the race to become the world’s No. 3 mobile platform. But there’s one asterisk next to Windows Phone’s impressive growth in 2013: It’s been driven almost entirely by low-end and mid-range smartphones while it’s languished in the high-end market dominated by the iPhone 5s and the Galaxy S4. Neowin points us to the latest research from AdDuplex showing that just 1 of the top 4 Windows Phones in the world is a high-end model while the rest of the platform’s top devices are in the low-to-mid-range market.

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