People who have mobile devices with large screens tend to use more data

A new study has shown that the monthly Wi-Fi and data consumption for people who use large screen phones is actually higher compared to those using smaller devices. According to the numbers, owners with devices whose screen sizes are 4.5” or larger use 7.2GB of data per month on average, which is about 44% more than those with devices 4.5” or smaller.

It has been shown recently that phablets, or rather phones with larger than normal displays, are catching on and have been catching on for a while. Q3’s smartphone shipments saw that 21% of their shipments were from phablets alone, so safe to say there are many who fans of large displays for their smartphones. While it might not necessarily be practice in terms of putting it into pockets or placing it next to your face when making phone calls, we certainly see its appeal. Its larger display allows for websites to show off more content comfortably, and watching movies and playing games is also more enjoyable as well.

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By Michio Hasai

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