Samsung thinks that it should team up with Mozilla

Both Samsung and Mozilla are in the process of developing their own mobile operating systems to compete with Android. According to Samsung’s Chief Secretary, Wonsuk Lee, the company has expressed interest in teaming up with Mozilla to bring Firefox OS and Tizen closer together.

It is safe to say that in the smartphone platform market at the moment, the main players are probably Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry. There are of course other platforms out there such as Sailfish OS, Tizen, and Firefox OS. While not to say that these smaller operating systems have no chance at beating out the big guys, doing it on their own could be a long and tough journey, which is why Samsung’s Chief Secretary, Wonsuk Lee, recently expressed interest in teaming up with the folks at Mozilla to bring Firefox OS and Tizen closer together. This is not necessarily a merger, but rather a combination of forces, especially since both platforms support the development of HTML5.

By Chastity Mansfield

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