Sony hints that the PS4 will have a shorter life cycle than the PS3

Two generations of video game consoles ago, the PS2 redefined how long a console’s  life cycle should be by lasting more than 12 years. One of the biggest goals of the generation that followed the PS2 was to reach the same level of lastability. While it seems that Microsoft has that same goal in this latest generation, Sony is hinting that the PS4 may have an even shorter life cycle than the PS3.

Part two of the big PS4 launch takes place tonight as the UK will get its hands on Sony’s new box – and we can truly fire the starting gun on the next-gen race. Microsoft says that the Xbox One is a 10-year console, but what about the PlayStation 4? We asked Sony UK boss Fergal Gara whether the PS4 is in it for the long stretch.

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By Louie Baur

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