Square Enix announces a new cloud gaming platform that kills latency

Square Enix just announced Project FLARE, a new cloud gaming platform that they claim kills latency.

Streaming game services are nothing new, but Square Enix thinks they need a fix. Today, the company behind Final Fantasy and Deus Ex: Human Revolution (seen above) announced a new cloud gaming platform that it claims kills game latency dead. It’s called Project FLARE, which it describes as a “technological breakthrough in cloud game architecture.” It claims to harness the power of “virtual supercomputers” to offer powerful performance and incredible “Hollywood-level” animation that current streaming services just can’t handle. Though Project FLARE is just exiting its R&D stage, Square Enix has already engaged Ubisoft as an early partner. It’s currently shopping its technology around to other developers, and hopes to bring games to beta in about two years.

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