Wireless data usage is growing even faster than smartphone sales are

We all know that the smartphone market is growing at an incredibly rapid pace but what you may not know is that wireless data usage is growing EVEN FASTER. While the smartphone market is expected to grow by a whopping 300% within the next six years, wireless data usage is expected to grow by 1000%. The rate at which smartphone owners use wireless data connections is much higher than the rate at which people are buying new smartphones, and our current wireless networks aren’t ready to handle the increased usage.

Ericsson today released its quarterly Mobility Report, an in-depth study meant to identify and quantify the major trends in mobile device usage. It confirms what many have long suspected. Smartphones are more popular than they were just a few months ago. China is one of the most important mobile markets in the world. Reaching another billion consumers will take less time than reaching the first billion. The instincts of many reporters and pundits have now been sufficiently measured, projected, and published in a handy-dandy PDF.

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