78% of active Apple handheld devices are now running iOS 7

Apple has been really trying to get its mobile users to adopt its latest mobile operating system, iOS 7. So far the company has been very successful in its efforts as 78% of active Apple handheld devices are now running iOS 7. Another 18% of mobile users are still running iOS 6 while just 4% are running an earlier version. 

Apple’s figures cover the 7-day period ending Dec. 29, 2013. With iOS 7 covering the lion’s share of Apple mobile devices, iOS 6 remains installed on 18 percent of users’ handsets, while earlier versions of iOS account for 4 percent. The gains made by iOS 7 over the last month came entirely at the hands of iOS 6, which fell from 22 percent at the start of December. Earlier iOS versions remained flat at 4 percent.

By Jesseb Shiloh

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