AdEspresso aims to improve Facebook ad optimization for small businesses

A new startup called AdEspresso is offering Facebook ad tools that aim to make Facebook ad optimization much easier for small businesses. The startup, which spun out of an Italian ad agency but has since moved to Silicon Valley, has already managed to raise over $500,000 in funding. The funding came from 500 Startups, Atlantic Capital Partners, and various angel investors including Richard Chen and Armando Biondi.

AdEspresso, a startup offering Facebook ad tools for small and medium businesses, is announcing that it has raised its first outside funding, a seed round of $500,000. The company focuses on ad optimization, namely finding the most effective combination of text and images for your ads. It says that customers upload possible images and text for the ads, then AdEspresso will test out different combinations and track the performance based on metrics like clicks, leads, and sales. For example, the company says it could tell an advertiser, “This picture for Female from 18 to 24 is performing 40% worst than your campaign’s average. Stop displaying it now!”


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