Amazon announces interest-free payment plan for Kindle Fire HDX

After giving 30-day free trials a shot, Amazon has a new master plan to get its Kindle Fire HDX tablets under as many trees as possible this holiday season: a nine-month financing option. You’ll be able to pay just 25 percent of the tablet’s purchase price up front, with another quarter due every ninety days. And if you fail to pay off the device completely? Amazon says that it has the right to deregister it, blocking access to Amazon content you’ve paid for, like your Kindle books.

Amazon seems to be selling a lot of its newest Kindle Fire tablets.* But it would like to sell many more. So here’s Jeff Bezos’s newest pitch: Buy a Kindle Fire HDX tablet today, and we’ll give you nine months to finish paying for it. Amazon started pushing its installment plan program this weekend, by splashing the offer on its home page.

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By Jesseb Shiloh

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