Apple CEO Tim Cook teases ‘big plans’ for 2014 in memo to employees

Apple CEO Tim Cook sent a memo over the weekend to employees reflecting on 2013 and talking about the upcoming year of 2014. With several rumors that Apple could be developing products from a smartwatch to a smart TV to bigger iPhones and iPads, there’s no end to guessing what Cook could possibly mean by these plans.

This morning, Apple CEO Tim Cook sent a lengthy memo to employees as a reflection of the soon-ending 2013 and the upcoming year of 2014, according to multiple sources. In the letter, Tim Cook discusses people experiencing Apple products this holiday season, the Apple products launched throughout 2013, and corporate initiatives. “This holiday season, tens of millions of people around the world, from all walks of life, are experiencing Apple products for the first time. Those moments of surprise and delight are magical, and they’re all made possible by your hard work,” Cook says in the beginning of the email.

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