BlackBerry CEO believes new strategy will help the company bring in revenue

As the struggling company prepares to enter the new year, BlackBerry CEO John Chen expresses his belief that BlackBerry’s new strategy will help the company bring in revenue. Chen claims to be focused on the present and the future, not what BlackBery used to be. Chen points to BlackBerry’s new operating structure, which focuses on its “core business drivers” of enterprise, messaging, QNX, and the hardware business as one positive change.

As BlackBerry enters 2014, CEO John Chen is yet again publicly outlining “the way forward” for his struggling company in a commentary at CNBC. “I’m not focused on who BlackBerry used to be,” Chen writes. “I’m focused on what BlackBerry will be today and in the future.” After just two months on the job, Chen insists that his team has already worked out a strategy that will stabilize business at BlackBerry. Again, Chen says this revised approach revolves around the company’s “core strengths” of enterprise and security. “This isn’t the first time I’ve held the reins at a tech company facing challenging circumstances,” Chen says, referring to his former duties as CEO of Sybase. “I’m here to tackle this challenge because I believe we can succeed.”

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