Bots account for more than half of all web traffic

The spam machine is busy. And it’s not just attacking the social web, it’s taking over the entire Internet. According to study by Incapusla, creator of a web-based firewall application, human traffic accounts for less than 40 percent of all web traffic. That means more than half of the traffic on the web is made up of bots and according to the study, most of those bots are malicious.

People invented the Internet to serve people. But according to a new study by Incapsula, most Internet traffic happens strictly between machines. More often than not, it’s a bot, not a person, examining a Web page and downloading data. And nearly half of those bots are up to no good.

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  • Justin W Tiemann

    Where is the raw data to support these claims? I can say 90% of all traffic is used by cyborgs and make a cute graphic and you would be dumb to believe me.