China wants Microsoft to continue supporting Windows XP

Windows XP has lasted for quite a while as far as operating systems are concerned but Microsoft will finally be cutting off support for the OS on April 8th, 2014. However, China is asking the giant to continue supporting Windows XP.

Microsoft’s Windows XP has been hanging around for a fair number of years already, so much so that Microsoft has finally made the decision to stop supporting the venerable desktop operating system after more than a dozen years. Of course, I am quite sure that many Windows XP loyalists and fans would see this as inevitable, but it is a rite of passage in life that one has to go through as well. China, however, (or at least in this case, the government) would like the software giant to continue supporting Windows XP. Basically, a country is asking a corporation to make another round of consideration over the intended support cut off date of April 8th, 2013.

By Sal McCloskey

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