Cryptocat encrypted chat app gets rejected by Apple

Cryptocat, encrypted chat network, has reportedly been rejected by Apple and therefore cannot be put up for sale on the App Store. Nadim Kobeissi, the Cryptocat developer, claims that Apple’s reasons are truly illegitimate but cannot disclose them. However, many users are skeptical as Cryptocat has a history of pretty severe security issues and there is no reason for Kobeissi to not be able to disclose exactly why the app was rejected. 

Encrypted chat network Cryptocat has had its efforts to get an app onto Apple’s App Store blocked, according to a new report. The Verge on Friday pointed to Cryptocat developer Nadim Kobeissi’s tweet on the subject, which took Apple to task for rejecting the app, but did so in a vague manner. Kobeissi pointed to a non-disclosure agreement in saying that he could not discuss the rejection openly, but he pointed out that the “reasons [for the rejection] are truly illegitimate.”

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