Dell preparing to squeeze 4K resolution onto a 24-inch monitor

It’s hard to know whether PC monitors will continue to be much of a focus for thenew Dell. Nevertheless, the relevant department looks to have been gearing itself up for 4K, as Bright Side of News and others have spotted a leaked product page for a 24-inch IPS LED panel with 3,840 x 2,160 pixels.

Currently there are several 4K options on the market – models using the higher end IGZO displays such as the Dell Ultrasharp 32” 4K (UP3214Q, $3500) or the ASUS PQ321Q ($3500our review) are currently attracting the most attention.  From my perspective (and a few others), 32” is just too large for a desktop monitor and while 4K seems attractive, something smaller (27”) would be more palatable.  In comes Dell, who has leaked through their Belize website, the next generation 24” UHD Monitor, the UP2414Q.  (Interesting enough it is also mentioned on their US website, through the compatibility list of a sound bar.)

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