Facebook finally added a Dislike button, sort of

Despite Facebook’s penchant for assimilating new features to stay on top of the social media game, the company has always shied away from adding one of users’ most requested features: an antithetical alternative to its ubiquitous Like button. But now, an update to the site’s messenger app gives users the option to dislike what their friends have to say in private.

Facebook has updated its Messenger app with a new set of stickers that include a “dislike” button, All Facebook reports, a feature that some users would actually like to use on the social site. However, the “dislike” option is only available on the desktop and mobile versions of Facebook Messenger. In order to access the new sticker pack, which also includes several new finger “likes,” as seen in image above, users will have to download it from the Sticker Store inside the Messenger app.

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