Homeless man with Chromebook completes first mobile app

Normally, a homeless person would have life a whole lot tougher than someone with a job and can get three square meals a day, without having to worry about whether he or she has no place to rest his or her head on a comfortable pillow at night. Well, this homeless man is not going to let his situation get him down, as he learned just how to code on his Google Chromebook in a matter of 16 weeks, and has successfully released his first mobile application that is known as “Trees for Cars”.

Leo Grand considers himself lucky when the doorman at the luxury apartment building nearby lets him charge his Samsung Chromebook without issue. Leo’s app — Trees for Cars — just launched this morning, and the new coder needs to make sure his computer is ready to go for the day. The guys in the apartment building have been a great help; four months ago when Grand started this venture, it was warm outside. That, unfortunately, is no longer the case.

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By Lorie Wimble

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